Sustainability at GLOREX

GLOREX strives to be a leader in sustainability. Join us: even small steps have a big impact!

This is what we do for sustainability:

GLOREX is a partner of Eden Reforestation Projects

With every third order GLOREX donates an amount to EDEN REFORESTATION PROJECTS to plant a tree. You can find more information here.

Many wood and cardboard articles in FSC® quality

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®-C005469) promotes exemplary forest management. GLOREX has been FSC®-certified for more than 15 years and was one of the first manufacturers in the creative industry. GLOREX strives to continuously increase the proportion of FSC® products in its range.

Advertising material on FSC® certified paper

GLOREX prints all advertising material only on FSC® certified paper. Where possible, print products are replaced by digital products.

Regional procurement

If we have the option of sourcing products from within the EU, we do so. In this way, we reduce fuel consumption for long transport routes.

Reduced packaging

GLOREX aims to reduce product packaging where possible and/or to package products using sustainable materials. Where possible, we use FSC® certified paper and cardboard for the packaging of our products.

Sustainability in logistics:

We already ship all products in FSC®-certified and recyclable cartons. GLOREX attaches great importance to giving preference to third-party logistics providers who pursue sustainability goals on their own.

Recycle instead of throwing away

GLOREX recommends recycling old items and materials at home and in the officeFollow the upcycling trend of making something new out of something old and creating unique works of art. Wherever possible, the GLOREX team reuses waste in the office and logistics (paper, cardboard, packaging material, etc.).

Crafting tips that promote sustainability

With various crafting tips, we show you how you can support and promote sustainability at home.

Digital office

We want to make our contribution every day and, for example, only print what really needs to be printedFurthermore, waste paper and cardboard is separated from waste and reused wherever possible. We also offer our customers the option of sending invoices online in order to save paper on a daily basis.

Company-owned photovoltaic system

The PV system with an area of 550m2 and an output of 100 KWp was installed on the company building of GLOREX GmbH. The plant covers the entire electricity demand from spring to autumn. 

Policy statements on the FSC® core labour standards:

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