Various waxes from GLOREX

100 % pure white beeswax cera alba

Without additives. Gently purified. For all creative projects: Bees wax wraps, selfmade cosmetics (unction, lip balm), beeswax candles and for leather or wood care.

Crystal wax with special effect

The new Crystal wax from Glorex forms unique decorative ice crystals. There are high quality stearin-based wax granules, especially suitable for the production of decorative candles. The melting point is between 55-65 ° degrees. To remove the candle easily from the mould, briefly immerse the cooled candle mould in hot water.


Naturally pure beeswax in tablet form, extremely suitable for casting real beeswax candles. Melting point 64 °C.

Organic wax can be melted in the microwave within 4-5 min. Organic wax can be coloured by adding colour pigments. The obtained colours have a pastel, porcelain like look. Added perfumes develop their full aroma during burning. To remove, first place in the fridge.

This paraffin-based wax granulates has been especially prepared for candle production and is supplied in tablet form. Melting point 54 °C. To remove, place in the fridge first. 

When you mix 10 to 20 % candle stearin with wax granulate, candles take on a beautiful white colour. At the same time, the burning properties and the burning time of the candle are improved. Melting point 56 °C. To remove, place in the fridge first.

Ready to use composition wax made of 80% paraffin and 20% stearin. 

Candle moulds