Do-it-yourself soap moulding with our high-quality soap programme is very trendy. With the relief moulds, you can create lovely messages that you can then give away beautifully packaged. With all our additives, such as colours, fragrances and essences, you can design the soap to suit your bathroom. 

Creative ideas and tutorials

Soaps from GLOREX

Ecological glycerine soap – ph-balanced – dermatollogically tested- 100 % vegan. The ideal material to make little gifts.

Ecological glycerine soap with olive oil – for smooth skin – ph-balanced – dermatollogically tested – 100 % vegan.

Ecological glycerine soap with aloe vera – with the curative effect of the plant – ph-balanced –  dermatollogically tested - 100 % vegan.

Soap flakes - Bath beads - Bath salt

Soap flakes to knead - ph-balanced – dermatollogically tested- 100 %  vegan – add sheabutter and oil and make your own shapes – add perfumes and colours.

Bath beads – foaming or effervescent –cosmetic mix – the perfect wellness for your bath. 

Bath salt – French Mediterranean salt – create your relaxing bath with perfumes, colors and flowers. 

Selected fragrance oils for individual freshness – relaxing effect.

Cosmetic dye for soap

Cosmetic colours – Intense colours, gives your soap that certain something - intermixable for beautiful colour gradients - intensity freely selectable.

Skin care and lather concentrate

Skin care – suitable for every skin type and lather concentrate – for a foaming effect.

Flowers / glitter / peeling – give the soaps a beneficial and decorative effect.

Soap Moulds

Moulds – insert the right text or picture – reusable. A design for every style. 100% recyclable PET.

Soap relief inserts

Relief inserts – for your personalized messages – deep and clear imprints – reusable. 

Massage brushes from the Black Forest

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